Spring is a busy time in the garden. Here is what you need to consider right now. My approach to organic gardening and planting borrows from both permaculture and biodynamic practices, pulling my inspiration from nature I integrate a multi canopy approach. That means fruit trees in my garden, providing shade and wind protections while maintaining small micro-climates and pulling nutrients from deep within the soil. Nature doesn’t produce tidy rows of vegetables and using nature as my inspiration, neither do I. Instead you’ll find a tangle of crops: nectar rich flowers, berries, trees and vegetable all interplanted, hedged by pungent herbs and beneficials.This approach reduces pests, increases microbial activity in the soil, feeds and builds the soil by intercropping, green manure and utilizing overstory and mulch to keep the soil covered year round. Gardening is a science, but it’s also an intuition, it’s my way of connecting to the earth and the food we eat, producing habitat for the local song birds, bees and reptiles that live and feed within. Organic gardening and permaculture not only produce healthier plants and vegetables, but nourish and feed the soil, which in essence is what gardening really is, soil farming. Before I’m a grower of food, I’m a tenser of the dirt so why wouldn’t I grow in a manner that puts the dirt first? In the spring I focus on pruning my fruit trees: apple, apricot, pear, plum, quince and persimmon. spring is also the time to spray trees with copper and omni oil to prevent leaf curl, blight and fungus diseases. Copper is approved for organic gardening, and is best applied before leaf break. It’s a natural fungicide and prevents leaf curl and many fruit tree diseases.

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