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Established in 2004, Riverland Dairy Bio Farm is the first of its kind in Cyprus to breed, using organic feeds and practises, sheep and goats for producing certified organic milk based products. The farm is currently based at Psimolofou village, close to Nicosia and its organic pasture land occupies an approved area of more than 25 hectares around the main farm. Riverland Farm is certified organic by an independent certification body and conforms to all EU legislation requirements (regulations 834/07 and 889/08). This means that the animals are grazed in certified organic land and their dietary needs are supplemented by certified organic, GMO free, feed pellets. Animal health and welfare is achieved by applying strict hygienic practises at the farm level which include the use of modern technology equipment and a low animal population per sq.m. of grazing land. Hence, preventive actions are central in practising organic farming and minimise the need for medical intervention. A combination of factors ensures that the farm can consistently deliver organic milk and meat of the highest quality, free from chemical and antibiotic substances.
Milk processing is contracted out to a regional cheese processor and logistics are well monitored so that the organic milk does not mix with conventional milk supplies. The whole production and processing chain is inspected by an independent certification body, approved by the EU which carries frequent checks from the farm premises to the end product.
The farm is owned and run by Mr Vasilis, an experienced vet characterised by his young and energetic enthusiasm for promoting organic practises beyond his farm. Despite many setbacks, he remains a devoted scientist in training other farmers in the practises of organic farming and teaching the long term benefits that can be offered.
Riverland Bio Farm along with his contracted processor produce a range of traditional milk products, supplying the local market through a chain of organic retail shops. With a gradual expansion of the farm output, the company has recently embarked in the export trade, beginning with the highly nutritious organic kefir shipped to the Greek market in substantial quantities. Additionally, the farm has started a small scale activity of organic poultry, producing certified organic eggs of the highest quality.

Commitment to healthy food production in a sustainable way
Biofarm is committed to the production of clean nutritious traditional milk based food using organic farming principles, which according to the company “are based on the consideration for the health and welfare of consumers, the animals in their care, and the environment we all live in.”



1. I am working as an organic farmer for the past 10 years.

2. Since the beginning of my studies I had a dream of creating my own organic farm.

3. By operating this particular farm where animals are breaded organically, our aim is to produce high quality products.

4. We also produce the hay, which is very important for the feeding of the animals, which culminates into the whole concept of organic farming and with the production of these organic raw materials leads to the final product which is the milk.

5. The milk is sent to a certified dairy unit where organic dairy products are produced with our name brand on it.

6. The European Union helped me a great deal to fulfill my dream and achieve my goal by subsidizing this project through the Agricultural development 2007-2013 and under the status 1-5-1 which is an investment scheme.

7. Due to the funding by the European Union I had the opportunity to invest in high technology equipment, and proper facilities where animals are breed and thrived.

8. I believe people cannot work with animals unless they have a genuine love for them and nature as a whole.

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