Learn How to Make OrganicFertilizer for Your Vegetable Garden, Organic Fertilizer NPK in this video a simple and easy recipe to make, reusing food waste, they are also essential nutrients for life of their plants.
It is considered a Fantastic Fertilizer
Egg Shells, Peels Banana, and Coffee Frounds:
These together form the 03 fertilizers NPK macronutrients
which are fundamental for the life of your plants and flowers
I will explain about each
The coffee grounds has some fundamental substances for your plants and flowers
NITROGEN: It is responsible for the development of its plant, new Cells Photosynthesis, and the colors of the leaves
CARBON: responsible for the structure of molecules, carbohydrates are the energy storage
They are two very important components for your PLANTS

The measure is 100 grams to 1 liter of water about

The Eggshellsl is rich in Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and some nitrogen
They are key substances for life of plants

Peels Banana
Potassium is very important in the production of carbohydrates,
Photosynthesis, production and sa Fruits
Phosphorus is responsible for the formation of cellsfrom the roots the seeds flowering and fruit

We’ll do here step by step, it is easy and simple

Let’s crush
1 liter of water
3 Peel Banana
1 Coffee grouds

after grinding put in a container and leave for 02 days for fertilizer
fermenting be fine homogeneous
He is ready to Use and Fertilize your plants
Friend, do not throw away these remains of foods, they are very useful for
your plants,
Usually fertilizers containing Potassium and Phosphorus are expensive values
to buy, and you can produce in your home
I’ll put a little this Strawberry that is already beginning to produce
be always welcome:
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