The word organic seems simple enough but can be confusing for consumers. Here is an inside look at the standards and laws governing this important group of products, particularly tea. What exactly determines if a product is grown organically? In 1990, Congress passed the Organic Food Production Act (OFPA) requiringContinue Reading

One of the problems facing anyone trying to eat healthier, especially for someone trying to move towards eating more raw foods is the convenience factor. Raw and natural foods are so much healthier for you, but it’s not as if there are drive-through raw foods restaurants on every street cornerContinue Reading

Why you should reconsider consuming soy milk often? Soy is the most mucous forming food on the planet. Most milk is mucous forming. When a cold develops or pneumonia sets in, the last thing offered should be a milk product due to the mucous in it. Soy is still milk,Continue Reading