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One day, about 5 yrs ago, my dad saw a listing in a newspaper about a lady in Orangevale, CA who was selling plants at a very low price. One of the items was a sweet cherry tree she grafted onto a sour cherry. We took the trip down to that city and got the little tree for $7 and planted it right across my Independence nectarine. For a few years it would bloom but wouldn’t fruit. Last year was very disappointing because it set fruit but right before the cherries were about to ripen, they turned yellow and fell off. Right when we were about to give up on it, it blossomed beautifully this year and set fruit that is fully ripening. I have been going out every morning to snack on them. There’s not a ton of fruit but enough to enjoy and be thankful for our tree. The Scrub jays adore it as well and we don’t mind sharing. This tree has a nice layer of woodchips, doesn’t get fertilized or sprayed, and gets watered maybe once a week in the summer. Thank you Heavenly FatherπŸ’

Scott Buckley “Elementary”

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